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411 Plumber — Expert Remodels in Bothell, WA and the surrounding area.

411 Plumber has professional plumbing remodeling experts in Bothell, WA that can build the right high quality systems in your new project for an affordable rate!

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Our professionals at 411 Plumber in Bothell, WA can provide expert plumbing help with your latest remodeling project. We have a team of experts with the knowledge and experience to build high quality, durable systems that will ensure your new remodel will last. Contact us today to get a quote on your next project!

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Contact the plumbing experts at 411 Plumber in Bothell, WA for a free quote. Large projects will have a personal appointment scheduled with our team.


411 Plumber professional plumbers will arrive at your Bothell, WA location to solve your plumbing problems in an affordable and timely manner.


All 411 Plumber work comes with a 1-year workmanship guarantee to give you the peace of mind you deserve with all your plumbing needs.

  • Most of you know that I do not do online recommendations, but this is my one exception. If anyone in Seattle ever needs a plumber just call my friend Ambrose at 411 Plumber. He runs a great company and you will be calling Judy's friend, not some random plumber you find online.
    Lake Forest Park, WA
  • I just wanted to say thanks for your help last week, but also thank you for your ongoing help over the years. I'm not sure it's a good thing to be on a first-name basis with your plumber, but we are grateful for your hard work! You are so responsive, honest, and professional - we would recommend you to anyone.
    Brian & Carolyn
    Shoreline, WA
  • My master bedroom shower backed up & didn't know what to do after trying to fixing it myself using drainomax. It didn't work. Contacted 411 Plumber, & they had me scheduled next day resolving my issue within less than an hour! During this appointment, I wasn't present at my property. My tenants were home at the time. However, not only notifying my tenants, Ambrose called me directly letting me know about the issue & what he did to resolve it!
    Everett, WA
  • Our kitchen sink was leaking while we were out of town. We notified our house sitter in regards to the issue & he recommended 411 Plumber. We accepted. He made the appointment & the day after we came home, the leak issue was resolved! Ambrose's tech even showed up an hour early!.
    Kate & Ryan
    Everett, WA

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